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The Traveling Golden

Dog First Aid Kit

Dog First Aid Kit

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Helpful for treat cuts, scrapes, sprains, strains, etc. during hiking, walks, bicycling or running.

Material: Polyester 600D material, with 6.3”x4.7”x2.6”
Size: 16*12*6.5cm

Package List:

1 x Camo Bag
1 x Electric Pet Thermometer
1 x Scissors
1 x Tweeszer
1 x Emergency Blanket
1 x Splint
1 x Ice Bag
1 x Elastic Crepe Bandage(5cmx4.5m)
1 x First Aid Tape
1Pair x Vinyl Gloves
2 x Wooden Tongue Depressors
10 x Clean Pads
10 x Sterile Non Woven Gauze Pads
10 x Iodine Cotton Swabs
30 x Adhesive Dressings Bandages


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