Malibu Dog-Friendly Beach | Leo Carrillo State Park

Malibu Dog-Friendly Beach | Leo Carrillo State Park

Looking for a dog-friendly beach in the Los Angeles area? Look no further than Leo Carrillo State Park in Malibu. Leo Carrillo is less than an hour drive from LA, making it the perfect day trip. 

Parking & Rules

The Leo Carrillo State Park parking lot costs $3 per hour or $12 for the entire day. During our visit, the parking lot was closed so we parked along the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) which is free of cost. This is a great spot to enjoy beautiful panoramic views of the coast. From here, there is a wooden staircase which leads you directly to the beach access road.

Keep in mind that dogs are only allowed on North Beach which is north of Lifeguard Tower 3. Dogs must also remain on-leash for the duration of their visit. 

Buttercup's First Beach Day

Being beach lovers ourselves, we were so excited for Buttercup to finally experience the beach for the first time. Buttercup was only 5 months old so we wanted to make sure it was a positive experience for her. When we first began researching dog-friendly beaches in the Los Angeles area, Rosie's Dog Beach in Long Beach came highly recommended. However, after reading reviews with concerns about cleanliness and dog attacks, we opted for an on-leash beach instead. 

Leo Carrillo State Park ended up being the perfect option for Buttercup's first beach day. We went on a Monday afternoon when the beach was nice and quiet. We were easily able to find a spot with plenty of space between us and other visitors. Everyone that we encountered was respectful of the rules and considerate of others. Not to mention the beach itself was very clean and free of waste and debris. 

The first thing Buttercup did when she got on the beach was roll around in the sand - she had an absolute blast just romping around. When she reached the shore, she seemed uncertain and hesitant at first. Eventually she warmed up and began happily splashing around in the water. By the end, she was all tuckered out and took a much needed nap on the way home.


If you're looking for a relaxing beach experience to enjoy with your dog, Leo Carrillo State Park is a great option. I hope you enjoyed this blog! For more dog-friendly activities and tips, please follow us on social media. 

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